DJ, producer, cultural helpmate and one of the responsible for the Brazilian breakbeat scene. Owner of the Anarchy In The Funk Records, the principal breakbeat label in Brazil dedicated to electro, drum & bass, big beat, funk and breaks. Easily found in the main events of the genre, his sets move through electro breaks, hip hop, funky and house. Classic mix skills and extensive repertoire, with personality and innovation, as a result of an incessant research in the world of music.

Influenced by the 1990’s music scene, admirer, researcher and consumer, he has improved his mixing techniques dedicating himself exclusively to vinyl and its peculiarities. A versatile artist, with vast musical knowledge, incorporating current trends, but not giving up the old school, converting its main references in experiments.

Active for over fifteen years, Punkyhead has played at major clubs in Brazil and devoted himself to events that have been consolidated on a narrow and uniform scenario. His releases for the label Anarchy In The Funk became bestsellers and won highlights charts in the best music stores, as the excellent "Reservoir Dogs", funky break track produced in partner with the talented Tuca Flash aka Br Groove.

His works go beyond the clubs, stages and studios. In addition to developing the visual art of their releases and events, Punkyhead has been one of the contributor to the one of the world's leading schools for electronic music production, DJing and performance; AIMEC - International Academy of Electronic Music. With courses aimed at training professionals, the organization promotes the training of human resources in the various fronts of the electronics scene.

As a DJ he has supported and shared the decks with important and influential names, such as: Afrika Bambaataa (USA), Godfather (USA), Anthony Rother (Ger), DJ Assault (USA), Jerome Hill (UK), Soul Salaam (USA), Umek (Slo), Tim Healey (UK), Adrian Gonzalez (Arg), Sneak-Thief (Ger), Cosmic Force (Hol), DJ Pogo (UK), Stickybuds (Can), Prins Thomas (Nor), Vince Watson (Hol), Bryan Hervieu (Fra), Steven Lee (USA), DJ Marky (Bra), DJ Patife (Bra), and many others.

Anarchy In The Funk

Nominated for the Best Label at Breakspoll (The International Breakbeat Awards) 2013, 2014 and 2015, and for the Best Label at Symphonic Awards 2014 and 2015, the Anarchy In The Funk Records is now regarded as a major Brazilian breakbeat label, keeping the hard work up to achieve world expression. Among the releases highlight the renowned, Sneak-Thief (Ger), Cosmic Force (Hol), Luke Eargoggle (Swe), Radical G (Bel), Nephilim (UK), Manasyt (Bul), Chris Radium (Mal), Sebastian Rivas (Swe), DJ Andy (Bra), FelixTheRedCat (Est), The Electric Funk Orchestra (Hol), Nedu Lopes (Bra) and Baz Reznik (Hol).


Somewhere between rich collages and old record samples in an ambitious context, the Radiocuts weaves abstract and blunted beats with subtlety. Formed by musician Mauricio Jr. (Poligamyk and The Last Bastards), and the DJs and producers Gustavo Milanez (Punkyhead) and Marcio Mouse, the trio stands a cross of genres and influences beyond electronic music. In an intelligent cut-and-paste, explores elements of a contemporary music, Abstract Message - the debut album - show a more expansive and less purposeful work, flirting with trip hop, ambient, downtempo, hip hop and jazz without sounding forced. Melancholic sounds. Decelerated. Dense. Backdrop for a more elaborate soundtrack. An imaginary movie.